Going Vintage for halloween

Ah Halloween, one of my most favourite times of the year. I think the tradition of dressing up, telling scary stories, handing out food is dying out. Its turned into more of an excuse to get smashed at the weekends for the adults and free candy for the kids. So with this in mind I try extra hard every year to keep the tradition what it was!

I only wish more people have the same views in mind. Anyways this year I’m going for vintage dead 30-40s look!  vintage props etc etc etc! I’m going to properly go for it this year.

When you look at halloween back then it was completely different. Even Mickey mouse looked bloody scary! 

so I was going through old photos of halloween between the 20s and 40s and I kept seeing these makeshift costumes and to replicate the effect you just need to make them yourselves.


Anytime before the 70s you couldn’t buy plastic masks so you had to make them yourselves. Pretty awesome look though, the unsettling indistinguishable faces! So thats the kids costume sorted, we’ll be making them with a basic mask then texturing it with fabric and other materials. Lots of glue will be involved!

For me I’m going to go with a 40s type costume and try make myself look a bit deathly.

Pretty cool look! Your 40s dress style is chunky heels, seamed stockings, wrist length gloves, felt hat, pleated skirt, button down Blouse with a rectangular purse. This will look great, I’m just going to use lots of white / grey makeup too.

I’ll need to have a look on how I do my hair too.

Due to the war the women in the 40s had to make do with the latest fashion trends, hair trends, beauty products etc For example back in the 40s woman didn’t have access to Lipstick. So you could make your own lip scrub. Add some granulated sugar to a bowl, food colouring and a bit of vanilla. Its great for moisturising your lips and if you’re going for the full look it could be a cool feature!

Obviously back in the 40s, lots of woman rocked the headscarf look. Whack your hair up in a messy bun. Messy buns look better! Then get your headscarf and tie it in a knot in the from to your head. Tuck the little tails away too! Putting ti more to the one side looks a bit more cute too. 

I’ll have to have a better look online later.

If you’re looking for clothing ideas check out Lindy Bop and use this Lindy Bop Discount Code for some discounts. You’ll find items in there to help with your costume!


For the husband, slacks,suspenders shirt and hat will do!

This is quite a modern looking 40s outfit though! still nice

Try find slacks that are slack like fabric. No jeans, no sweat pants. Any shirt out the closet will work, leave crazy prints for a more modern look. You can do a suspender look over a vest if you prefer! 

Heres a couple of pictures for reference!

The 40s is such a fun outfit to do – I really love the womans outfits though they look so fun and bold!

The plan for the front garden is to put speakers out and blare Jazz songs from the 20s-40s. Have a listen to this video:-

I’m looking forward to making the masks with the kids – lots of paper machying to do! So with our kids making our own masks, husbands going to look smart with his outfit and I’ll have fun making mine. I really think this year will beat our Horror house!



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