Branding, no simple thing…

We have recently come through a new rebranding journey, looking back at where we started and where we are now we have realised how hard it is to get branding just right at the start of any business journey!

When we came up with the idea for Gently Inspired two years ago we knew we needed to rethink our branding and bring Gently Worn Vintage into a new era in which it could sit alongside Gently Inspired ensuring both conveyed the level of sophistication and luxury we believe to be at the heart of our brands. We did refine the logos at that stage, the differences may be subtle but they were a step in the right direction.

However two years down the line the launch of Gently Inspired is imminent, the initial ideas have been refined, the designs and processes perfected and the branding again seemed to have been left behind a little, yes our brands are vintage or vintage inspired but they are carefully selected for todays women who want glamour and elegance but not necessarily an all over vintage look which as we all know can be very difficult to pull off. I loved our script fonts but along the journey I have also come to reaise they are a little dated and unsophisticated, we needed to rethink where we were going and where we perceived our brands stood in todays world.

Our inspiration has always been the fabulous beauty and fashion advertisements of the late 1940s/early 1950s, red lips, sloping fonts and glamour but we realise now we can still convey those elements without taking the inspiration too literally.

So our new branding is ready, we hope you will all agree its eye catching, oozes glamour and sophistication but also that it sits well in the contemporary world of luxury goods whilst retaining the air of sophistication we so love.

As well as our fabulous new logos we have also commissioned amazing watercolour illustrations of each Gently Inspired gown by the fabulously talented Sairah Hicks, here is the first of the new collection, a little glimpse into the Gently Inspired world of fabulous investment pieces.

For us the branding exercise has been a journey of ups and downs and we strongly believe we needed to grow the business, get to know our clients properly, find our place in the retail world before we understood exactly how our branding should look and what it should say. Its been a learning process but we believe we got there and in many ways we’re glad we took the time to establish and understand our brands and allow them to evolve and gain identity.

For us we love our new emblem…

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